REVERE (CBS) – A Massachusetts State Police trooper was fired for what the department called “unacceptable conduct” for using racial slurs during an off-duty confrontation with a driver in Revere.

State Police said it happened last weekend when the trooper approached a man in a parked car on Revere Beach Blvd. They did not provide any other information about the incident.

The trooper, who was not identified, was fired Tuesday afternoon. State Police said he graduated with the last recruiting class in May and was assigned to the Danvers barracks on a first year probationary period.

State Police said they will refer the incident to the Massachusetts Attorney General for review and potential civil or criminal action.

“I am disgusted and disappointed by the conduct that occurred, which is the antithesis of the standards of conduct and personal behavior we expect and demand of our members,” State Police Col. Christopher Mason said in a statement.

“The action taken today underscores the position I have affirmed since I became Colonel, specifically, that we will have no tolerance for such conduct and will move to resolve such matters as quickly as possible. This subject is not fit to wear the badge or call themselves a member of the Department.”

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  1. Johnny says:

    Good thing they had an out and got him within the first year, otherwise he would have had a field day with the State which he probably still will. These kneejerk political reactions on the part of the MSP are going to bite them in the arse within the next two years. “Firing” someone for sake of placating the masses and the media in regards to todays sentiment does not make it simply go away. The legal wrangling that ensues will most certainly cost the taxpayers in the long term but you won’t read of this outcome in your local fish wrap.

  2. Efuct says:

    Remember……it’s only racist if you’re white.

    1. Genius Detector says:

      Right, because you see *so* many stories about white people getting called racial epithets by Black cops.

      Grow up and watch your use of the ellipsis. It’s only 3 dots genius. You’re going to hurt yourself.

      Watch out people – we have a tired troll playing SJW for the right.

      Remember…white people can truly be racist and be called out without every other white person getting defensive.

  3. Bill Branch says:

    While we’re at it, Genius Detector, what is with the use of asterisks around the word “so?”
    White people “getting” called?
    Why no comma before noun of address “genius?”
    And then your use of a dash and then your ellipsis when a comma should have been used. You certainly are not anyone to be criticizing the writing of another.

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