BOSTON (CBS) — Gov. Charlie Baker is a frequent critic of fellow Republican Donald Trump and has said he would not be supporting his reelection effort. But the governor confirmed on Election Day that he didn’t go so far as to vote for the president’s Democratic opponent on the ballot.

“I blanked it,” Baker responded when asked at a news conference if he cast his vote for former Vice President Joe Biden.

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Baker said last month that he could not support Trump and was focused on steering Massachusetts through the coronavirus pandemic.

The governor has blasted Trump for talking about the pandemic in an “incredibly irresponsible” way, and for not committing to a peaceful transfer of power should he lose the election.

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Trump fired back by referring to Baker as a “Republican In Name Only.”

In 2016, Baker also said he did not vote for either Trump or Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton.

Several businesses in Boston have boarded up their storefronts as a precaution in the event there is civil unrest stemming from the election

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“Our hope is that whatever happens will be followed by what we would describe as peaceful and appropriate celebrations, protests, demonstrations,” Baker said.