By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) – Old Path Village in Framingham is getting a fresh look after the entire strip mall on Concord Street was completely destroyed in a devastating fire three years ago.

Ten businesses were destroyed in the fire in 2017.

Buildings at Framingham’s Old Path Village Complex were destroyed by fire Saturday morning. (Image Credit: Keith Viglione/617 Images)

Today, it’s completely refurbished and business is open.

The 13,500 square foot strip center now has restaurants, a hair boutique shop and workout facility. Heart City Health Cafe now stands where a very popular diner once stood.

“We have big shoes to fill. The biggest consensus everyone says is they’re happy this place is back up and running again,” owner Michael Stanton said.

Framingham’s Old Path Village. (WBZ-TV)

All bad memories have been replaced with a brand new and healthy lease on life.

Brittany Clark is lead fitness trainer at Boot Camp Metrowest Framingham.

“It is crunch time right now just trying to get everything ready,” Clark said.

They’re putting on the finishing touches and are already offering free camps outside in the parking lot. COVID-19 delayed their opening.

“It’s exciting to see the other businesses in the plaza opening. We are one of the last ones. So it’s so exciting to be like, ‘They’re doing it, they’re doing it, we are up next,’” she said.

Framingham’s Old Path Village. (WBZ-TV)

The new Old Path Village now consists of six brand new shops. Some will be opening soon and there are still two vacant spots they hope to fill.

Even in the midst of a pandemic, these businesses hope healthy drinks, intense workouts and beauty inside and out will bring people back so new memories can begin.

“So many people are glad we are opening something so positive in a time where something terrible has happened,” Clark said.

Stanton said he hopes people will enjoy the new look.

“I am going to know your name every person who comes through these doors,” he said.

Paul Burton


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