FITCHBURG (CBS) – Health officials are working on contract tracing after 28 confirmed cases of coronavirus have been linked to a Fitchburg church.

Director of Public Health Stephen Curry said anyone associated with Crossroads Church is encouraged to be tested.

In addition, the city is working with businesses and other people who have been affected by the cluster.

The church posted Wednesday that there would be no Sunday services.

“Due to the increase and rapid acceleration of COVID-19 in Massachusetts, we will be taking extra cautionary steps to ensure that you and your family stay healthy and safe,” the church posted. “If you are not feeling well or have flu-like symptoms, please stay home and/or get tested. Please be aware that we will be cancelling this Sunday’s, October 25th, in person gatherings in order to make improvements to our facilities.”

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  1. This only goes to prove that these religous groups and the Pastors who insited on opening without masks. Guess what? Even your “Higher Power” cannot protect you from COVID. Even fellowship in a common area, Does not protect you.

  2. Lauren Sheehan says:

    I am sorry for everyone infected. I would wish for you all that you accept your God given biology and wear masks. Follow the health guidelines. Act out of loving kindness for the rest of us and wear masks.
    Is the liar in your church telling the congregation that the virus is not real or that it’s not a problem or that you are not vulnerable like the rest of us? Or is the great liar in your church telling you that God will protect you or that the media lies about the virus? I fear that the anti-Christ is doing powerful work in your church and will pray for you all.

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