SALEM (CBS) – Massachusetts Gov. Charlie Baker got some advice on coronavirus safety this Halloween from an unexpected source – a 9-year-old.

Their message? Break out the big candy bars.

Baker said during his Wednesday media availability in Salem that he received a letter from the child, written in crayon, to thank the governor for not canceling trick-or-treat in the state.

“’Tell everybody that they should give out one large candy bar, instead of those baskets of many small candy bars, because then kids won’t put their hands in and fish around for them,’” Baker said, reading the child’s letter.

“No fun size. Which I thought was a pretty clever way of promoting an idea in the context of all the rest of this,” the governor added.

Baker said outdoor trick-or-treating, if done in small groups with face coverings and limited interactions is “a lot safer” than hosting a house party.

“I can’t express this enough. Indoor house parties, with close contact, shared food, shared beverages, long periods of time with the same people, without masks or distancing – which in most cases will be the case – are just simply not a good idea,” said Baker.


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