BOSTON (CBS) – The state will begin releasing its weekly City/Town COVID-19 Risk Map on Thursdays in order to collect additional data for the report..

Beginning Thursday, October 22, the state’s COVID-19 Response Command Center said that it will begin to identify if a municipality’s positive cases have been impacted by a cluster in a long-term care facility, college or prison. While a municipality’s risk-level color will be determined by the number of cases, an asterisk will be added if a larger institution has identified more than 10 cases that account for more than 30% of a municipality’s positive cases in the past 14 days.

“Adding this identification acknowledges the impact of a particular institution or facility on the community’s case count and provides valuable information for residents and municipal leaders to consider when implementing policies in their community,” that Massachusetts Department of Public Health said in a prepared statement.

Currently, the Massachusetts Department of Elementary and Secondary Education recommends municipalities monitor three weeks of reports before making changes to a school district’s learning plan.