By Bill Shields

BOSTON (CBS) – Normally, the campus at Boston University empties out at Thanksgiving. And even in this year of COVID-19, many students here will likely go home. But if they do, BU is asking them to stay home until next semester.

“Part of being proactive is to think about whether or not you really should be traveling right now. I’m sure there’ll be plenty of advisories that say if you can stay put, you want to stay put. We want to make sure that is the case,” said Boston University Dean of Students Kenn Elmore.

Some of the BU students that talked to WBZ-TV on Thursday said since a lot of classes are already remote, staying home until the spring semester is no problem.

“I think remote is fine, because we are mostly remote any way,” said one student.

At Boston College, they’re considering similar options. The college is sending out a survey, asking students for their opinions.

Lexi Santoro, a sophomore at BC, has already decided she will go home to New Jersey. “I don’t want to spend Thanksgiving here, and there are already so many classes online,” said Santoro.

But for those BU students who choose to stay on campus for the holiday, the school will try to make the cafeteria meals special.

“We hope we can, as people say, up our game from the food standpoint and try to make sure that it is memorable for people,” said Dean Elmore.

Only in the year of COVID-19 would a college tell its students to go home, and stay there until next semester.

Bill Shields