BOSTON (CBS) — Health officials reported 765 new confirmed coronavirus cases and 13 additional deaths in Massachusetts on Monday. The 7-day weighted average of positive tests in Massachusetts is 1.1%.

The Massachusetts Department of Public Health said that as of Monday, there are 501 people currently hospitalized for a coronavirus-related illness, a decrease of 10 from Sunday. There are 82 patients currently in intensive care.

The total number of confirmed cases in the state is now 136,933 while the total number of deaths is 9,401.

There were 18,801 new tests reported Monday. A total of 2,430,150 people in Massachusetts have now been tested for coronavirus.

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  1. Heath Symphony says:

    Keep the lies coming, WBZ. The US Constitution does not take a back seat to any “new normal”, it’s time that lying Baker and his alcoholic kiss, Maaaahty Walsh, are recalled. Moreover, that racist bald dog, Ayanna Presley, can be added to the recall—-it would be like a bonus.

  2. Heath Symphony says:

    Read it above. Trump 2020!! Four more years! Sleepy Joe Biden is running for the Senate now.

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