MANCHESTER, N.H. (CBS) – On a beautiful, summer-like day in New Hampshire, dozens of Joe Biden/Kamala Harris supporters held a socially-distanced rally in Manchester that featured an appearance from Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren.

At the rally, Senator Warren urged supporters to hold President Donald Trump “accountable” for what she says is his failure to handle the coronavirus pandemic responsibly.

“Accountability at this moment means 210,000 Americans have died from a virus that we should have under control. And to this day – eight months into this pandemic – Donald Trump has no plan. We will hold him accountable,” Warren told the Manchester crowd.

Elizabeth Warren speaking at a Joe Biden rally in Manchester. (WBZ-TV)

With less than 25 days to go before the presidential election, Warren told WBZ-TV what she believes is at stake.

“I think healthcare is the biggest one that’s at stake. 210,000 people have died from an infectious disease that we should’ve had under control. Donald Trump has failed miserably,” Warren said.

Warren also stressed the different ways people can cast their ballots, saying, “Vote early if you can. Vote in person. Drop off your ballot. But vote.”

Around 100 people attended the Manchester event. Everyone was wearing masks and spread out.

Supporters at the Biden/Harris New Hampshire event. (WBZ-TV)

Warren also criticized Trump for holding his own event on Saturday, having just been cleared from COVID-19.

“This is just Donald Trump being Donald Trump. He thinks about no one but himself. He puts other people at risk. And it’s not just the people who show up. Those people then leave and they go to grocery stores. They go visit their elderly parents. They put their kids back in school. The way that a leader behaves is to think not just of himself, but of everyone else,” Warren told WBZ-TV. “That’s why we need Joe Biden in the White House and not Donald Trump.”

Voters who attended the event agreed with Warren.

“We’ve got to elect Joe Biden and Kamala Harris,” Biden supporter Judy O’Leary said. “We got to get the evil that’s in the White House out.”

On Saturday, in his first public speech since getting COVID-19, President Trump told a cheering crowd on the South Lawn balcony of the White House, “This is the single most important election in the history of our country. Get out and vote, and I love you!”

Despite over 7.6 million positive cases in the U.S., Trump also said the coronavirus is “going to disappear”, and added that he believes “it is disappearing.”

Paul Burton

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    Liarwatha still lying I see….

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    Democrats will bring us into another recession.

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