By Beth Germano

REVERE (CBS) –  Mask ambassadors are now out on the streets of Revere.  

It’s a move the city is hoping will slow the spread of coronavirus. The city is at about a four percent positivity rate, making it a high-risk community.

Because of the ambassadors, there’s a different kind of table now set up at the Revere Friday Farmers’ Market. The customers can get bags with masks and sanitizer, right alongside their fresh vegetables.

The ambassadors, working under a new program started by the city this week, are looking to send a message.

“It’s hard because I know that not everybody agrees to wear a mask. And so, all we can do is encourage them to wear masks,” said Revere Director of Healthy Community Initiatives Dimple Rana.

In the basement of City Hall, ambassadors are trying to meet the need. With the help of state money, they are bagging the necessities in multi-lingual information packets that Rana says are even more important in the working-class community.

“Our residents are essential workers. And they are at the supermarkets working, and they’re at the grocery stores, they’re taking public transportation. So their level of risk and exposure to COVID is much higher,” said Rana.

The positive test rate in Revere is just under four percent, still one of the highest in the state. It’s why ambassadors are targeting high traffic areas to reach as many people as possible.

At a supermarket in Revere, customers don’t have to ask.

Bags with masks and sanitizer are now freely distributed, as residents say they’re concerned about the virus rate.

“It’s on the rise. It’s not going down, and why,” said resident Joyce Dinuccio.

Another customer who identified himself as John said, “It reminds people of how much we need to be safe at this time.”

Ambassadors hope access to supplies and education will work the best.

Beth Germano


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