By Bill Shields

LYNN (CBS) – Immigration activists in Lynn surrounded a vehicle belonging to ICE agents on Monday. Inside was Rebelio Gonzalez, handcuffed. When the activists wouldn’t move, the agents released Gonzales.

“We can’t just watch ICE come into our communities and tear families apart, in a way that doesn’t make communities safer,” said Isaac Simon-Hodes of the group called Lynn United For Change.

While the ICE agents had Gonzales handcuffed, his daughter called an activist and within minutes, they had the agents’ car surrounded.

ICE has a policy that helped Gonzales get released. It says no arrest can be made, if it leaves a young child alone.

ICE issued a statement Tuesday saying Gonzales has been arrested three times in the past for entering the country illegally. Gonzalez has been told to report to the ICE office in Boston.

ICE said is a federal crime to block or interfere with an ICE arrest.

Bill Shields