BOSTON (CBS) — President Trump’s medical condition has sometimes been a tale of two stories between his medical team and different sources this weekend.

“It’s impossible to say if we’re getting the full story. It really comes down to a question of trust right?” said WBZ-TV political analyst Jon Keller.

He said the confusion could take a political toll.

“When you’ve got your own doctor coming out one day saying one thing having to walk back what he said then the next day coming out and directly contradicting what he said the previous day which has already been contradicted by other top Trump aides, it’s chaos,” Keller said.

This isn’t the first time this has happened. When presidents get sick, their medical condition can often become a political hot potato.

“We saw this in the case of President Reagan. No one knew how close he had been to dying after the assassination attempt until after he had recovered and left the hospital,” Keller explained.

He said the best strategy is leveling with the American people.

“It would be a lot more reassuring to people and potentially less politically damaging to be as candid as possible. No one is going to begrudge the man if he’s struggling. Until people trust that what they are getting is the truth, I don’t think they know how to respond really other than with suspicion and disgruntlement.”

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    Seems Jon is having another wet dream….

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