BOSTON CBS) – Franklin Park Zoo is celebrating two new and rare additions.

Abby, a Baird’s tapir, gave birth to a pair of incredibly rare twin calves on Tuesday. The twins, a male and female, are being referred to by staff as “tapir tots.”

The calves are believed to be the first set of Baird’s tapir twins on record.

A rare set of a Baird’s tapirs. (Image Credit: Franklin Park Zoo)

Zoo staff said the male twin arrived first, followed by the female. Though he female did not initially have a heartbeat detected, she quickly recovered.

Abby also recovered from the delivery.

“Tuesday was one of the most challenging and rewarding days of my veterinary career,” said Eric Baitchman, Zoo New England vice president of animal care and conservation. “We planned extensively for different scenarios with the twins, and are overjoyed that both twins were delivered safely and that Abby is doing well. While we are cautiously optimistic, the first few days are critical for these twins and we are monitoring them around the clock. Our veterinary and animal care teams are doing everything we can to ensure the best chances for their survival.”

A newly born Baird’s tapir. (Image Credit: Franklin Park Zoo)

The twins had their first checkup Wednesday and weigh about 10 pounds each.

Abby and her twins will spend some time bonding alone before making their exhibit debute in the Tropical Forest. The zoo will also be updating the twins’ progresson social media with the hashtag #TapirTotTwins.


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