MIDDLEBORO (CBS) – Middleboro is a small, quiet town, almost rural. But, politics there is big-city serious.

Just ask the owner of Coffee Milano on Center Street. “They sit here every morning the guys. That’s what you hear, the politics. I usually don’t get involved with it,” said Margret Gudmundsson.

When The New York Times reported that President Trump paid little or no taxes in the past 15 years, it got voters in Middleboro talking.

“It said he deducted $72,000 in getting his hair cut,” one woman said. “Ridiculous.”

“We all have to pay our taxes and if we don’t we’re penalized or potentially jailed,” another woman said.

During the last presidential election, the majority of Middleboro voters voted for Trump and this tax news hasn’t changed some of their opinions. “It does not change my opinion one bit,” one man said. “Big companies have been doing it for years. It’s common business practices.”

Another lady seemed resigned. “He’s a rich man. All rich people uses all the loopholes, you know to get away with it,” she said.

  1. JimStark says:

    Yesterday Wilmington now Middleborough, what great opinions these people must have on a story that is mostly speculation. Middleborough has gone down hill since the train station opened, it used to be mostly harmless hicks.

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