BOSTON (CBS) — Cam Newton loves to keep it light among his Patriots teammates, and keeps everyone smiling with his various array of nicknames up and down the roster. He even has one for head coach Bill Belichick, and it is as glorious as the ones he’s bestowed upon his teammates.

During his weekly chat with WEEI on Monday morning, Newton revealed his nickname for Belichick: “Dollar, Dollar Bill.”

That is up there with the best of them, highlighted by “Highway 11” for Julian Edelman and “Doughboy” for N’Keal Harry. Newton didn’t explain the moniker he gave to his coach, but maybe it has something to do with that team-friendly contract he agreed to with New England. And we’re sure Belichick will have something to say about it — or a grumble or two — when he chats with reporters later on Monday.

Newton has a nickname for just about everyone, and following Sunday’s 36-20 win over the Raiders, we learned a few more names that he tosses around during practice and games. We found out that he calls offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels “Mickey Ds,” so Belichick isn’t the only member of the coaching staff with a funny name.

Cam also threw out “Smokin’ Joe” for Joe Thuney and “Dirty Dave” for David Andrews.

“That’s just the steez, guy. You’ve just got to keep it fun,” Newton said after Sunday’s win. “I appreciate the guys rolling with it.”

As for his own nickname, Newton said Monday that his teammates aren’t as creative.

“They never stick,” he told WEEI. “Don’t even try. I’ve been at it a long time. If you’re trying to give me the name-caller a nickname, it’s only going to make matters worse.”

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