BOSTON (CBS) — A Covid-19 outbreak at Brigham & Women’s Hospital has now grown to 28 confirmed cases. Officials say nine patients and 19 employees have tested positive.

The hospital will now test all of its patients for the coronavirus. Before now, the hospital only required patients be tested before they were admitted.

Brigham’s Infection Control Team believes the outbreak has been contained to two specific inpatient units, 16A and 14CD in the Braunwald Tower.

There are more than 600 people connected to the cluster who are in the process of being tested.

Employees will be offered a voluntary test.

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  1. wpbboston says:

    Of all of the hospitals in the City of Boston, I would have guessed that Brigham and Women’s Hospital would have been one of the first with a new season/Fall 2020 Covid 19 Outbreak. In my opinion, the arrogance of that hospital, and that hospital’s dysfunction, is second to none. Perhaps. if Elizabeth Nabel took time away from the mirror, and deciding where she wanted her dermatologist to plant his/her next Botox injection, she might have had her eye on the ball, and she may have been able to mitigate this Covid 19 Outbreak. But, PUBLIC BEWARE, there were likely lapses in staff personal hygiene that contributed to this outbreak (e.g. complacency with hand washing). This is what you get, when you have some arrogant pricks running around in their Harvard coats, so full of themselves, that they forget the most basic principles of personal hygiene and infection control. And, PUBLIC BEWARE, #2, this is the quiet before the storm: soon to come, 2020/2021 Influenza/Covid 19 Surge. Get ready.

  2. Truth says:


  3. Bruce Penal says:

    It’s all a LIE, a complete hoax. This is an attempt by the medical industry to find a cure for the common cold. The vaccine will be sugar and water, that’s it. Sticking a Q-tip up your nose was developed by a handful of communists to control everyone. Stick the Q-Tip up Charlie Baker’s butt.

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