By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — In a radio interview on Tuesday morning, Cam Newton said that if he hits the incentives in his contract this year, he’ll have enough money to dress the entire coaching staff, including one Mr. Bill Belichick.

On Wednesday morning, the Hall of Fame head coach showed the world that the well-dressed quarterback has not quite yet earned the job as Belichick’s fashion consultant.

The coach stepped to the virtual podium to speak with Patriots reporters about the upcoming game with the Las Vegas Raiders, and, well … he looked like no other NFL head coach has the confidence or comfort to look like:

Belichick is of course known for his hoodie-with-cutoff-sleeves fashion statements, but this hole-filled, tattered neck, faded-blue, raggedy looking swath of cotton really takes the whole look to a new level.

Twitter being Twitter, there were of course a number of notable reactions.

Leave it to Belichick to draw that kind of instant reaction on the internet machines on a sleepy Wednesday morning. Despite decades of perfecting the busted sweats look, he has managed to innovate on the fly with a look that cannot be ignored.

While the moth-eaten, circa 2006 sweatshirt might not have been Newton’s first choice if he had been in charge of dressing his coach for this moment … Belichick’s choice is clearly a hit. Perhaps, once again, Belichick has found a new way to teach even those who on the surface would appear to know quite a bit about a given topic on their own. That is the Belichick difference.

Or, perhaps he just didn’t have anything else to wear. It’s one or the other.


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