RANGELEY, Maine (CBS) — It was almost a “Tom Hanks in Castaway” situation. A FedEx driver making a delivery in rural Maine last week got stuck on a dirt road and was unable to call for help.

“On her delivery route she had come to a bridge that was out of service,” Rangeley Fire Rescue Chief Michael Bacon posted to Facebook. “While turning around in the dark she became stuck and stranded.”

Driver Kari Sukeforth told The Lewiston Sun Journal that she tried to climb 75 feet up a tree to get cell service without any luck. She had to spend the cold night in her truck, telling the newspaper that “there was a bear, a moose, a deer and weird birds that sounded like chimpanzees.”

A FedEx driver became stranded overnight in Maine (Photo credit: Michael Bacon/Rangeley Fire Rescue)

“It was like being in a cold rain forest,” she said.

In the morning she set out on foot to try and get cell service, leaving a note for anyone who might come across her truck.

“Please help!” Sukeforth wrote. “I’ve been out here all night!”

The FedEx driver’s note for help (Photo credit: Michael Bacon/Rangeley Fire Rescue)

Bacon said police received a call Thursday about an overdue FedEx delivery driver and were worried because there was a manhunt in the area for a convicted sex offender. But luckily they were able to track Sukeforth down that morning.

“It might not be the FedEx rescue like Tom Hanks in Castaway, but I think Kari was happy to be found regardless,” Bacon said.

Sukeforth thanked first responders for the help.

“I’m a country girl, but not country enough to rough another night on Bemis road,” she wrote on Facebook.


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    Another example for why we need internet service everywhere for safety reasons!

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