CARVER (CBS) – Transportation officials are investigating after “TRUMP 2020” was painted onto six separate locations along Route 44 in Carver and Middleboro. MassDOT policy prohibits any unauthorized markings on state highways.

“TRUMP 2020” was spray painted onto a busy road. (WBZ-TV)

The agency “will be dispatching contractor crews to temporarily cover the markings as soon as possible,” MassDOT said in a statement. Crews will come back overnight to permanently removed the pro-Donald Trump messages.

In one of the locations “TRUMP 2020” was painted twice, once in each travel lane. The messages were put on the road using yellow paint.

Two TRUMP 2020 paintings on Route 44 (WBZ-TV)

Massachusetts State Police said they do not yet have information on the incidents.

This story has been updated to identify the correct locations of the markings. 

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  1. I hope they can find the person/persons that did this. With all the cameras available now they should be able to. Then I hope they are prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

    1. you are a loser. get ready for four more years.

      1. mtbr1975 says:

        We can’t afford another 4 years of Trump.

    2. Doug Rebertus says:

      Yeah, like the liberal hate for the BLM graffiti on public roadways! Oh, wait… there wasn’t any. :-D

  2. Maybe it had something to do with the accident this morning????

    1. accidents don’t cause paint to magically fly onto the street and say trump 2020. in 4 separate areas… thats a cute idea tho


  4. Gern Blenston says:

    Even in stenciled paint form, Trump is never far from the gutter. Real Americans have seen what Comrade Donnie really stands for – himself.

  5. Vincent Tino says:

    yeah.. if it said “Black Lives Matter” it would be preserved like the ceiling of the Sistene Chapel.

  6. R Smith says:

    This is great! TRUMP 2020! And a New SCJ!

  7. Gern Blenston says:

    It’s interesting to note the strong correlation between education level and voter preference. Trump has more success fooling those with double- or single-digit IQs.

    1. Doug Rowland says:

      Who knew that Antifa & BLM were Trump Supporters!

  8. Kevin says:

    Might as well paint swastikas at this point. Good work, bootlickers.

  9. Marty says:

    The stupid is strong among Trump supporters. Or do they knowingly want to hand over our republic to Donald the wannabe Dictator? Because that’s what his plan has been all along. He has literally described his supporters as “disgusting,” yet they still fawn all over him. It’s like watching the rise of Adolf Hitler all over again. There’s a reason he worships the likes of Putin and the Pillsbury doughboy who heads up North Korea. He wants to be just like them. He doesn’t give a damn about his supporters, not even whether they live or die, and they’re too freaking stupid to see that they’re just being used.

    1. penny85285 says:

      Biden supporters talk about the education of trump supporters but yet they treat a disgruntled workers claims as fact, so I guess we should take all the biden disgruntled workers claims over his years as gospel, and man that’s alot.

  10. Bill says:

    If “BLM” was painted you can bet the road crew wouldn’t touch it. Leftist claim Trump is “the next Hitler” but with his shrinking of Federal government, calling troops home, and brokering historic peace deals he’d the most ineffectual tyrant in all of history. More and more people are no longer buying the lies of the Left and sooner or later people will wake up and realize BLM (along with Antifa) is a Communist domestic terrorist group indescribably victimizing people and not at all interested in Black lives.

    1. Bill says:

      terrible website unable to correct spelling errors but you get the idea.

      1. penny85285 says:

        They claim to be so smart and educated but they don’t do their own homework, they don’t check to see if the media is lying to them they just hear it and agree like good little drones. Yet they say we are stupid for following trump, I hope someday they will do their own homework and investigate what is really going on its not that hard just search the internet and get all sides and decide from their. They apparently don’t want to break out of their comfort zone and wake up. So sad

  11. Gail Murphy says:

    The condescension of the left for those who choose a different candidate is always confirmed from the tolerant who are actual bullies in every way possible. But then again this is Mass who kept Ted Kennedy in the Senate for years after he left Mary Jo to suffocate in a car while he want home to breakfast.

  12. Steve C. says:

    It should say Civil War 2020.

  13. william Hickenberg says:

    Yeah, things sure are going well for liberals aren’t they? Trump halted their march to marxism, ANOTHER s.c.j. will be appointed, they are loosing a chunk of the black and hispanic vote, They have been split by radicals, their insanity has been exposed due to how extreme their base has become, trump has reversed all of the oblama orders, nobody believes their global warming lies anymore, nor covid ones. They have no platform, the worst candidate ever, Yeah burning down the cities has gone well for them…

  14. Tania Beliveau says:

    I found it distracting, thought something was on the road. Thank you for removing the distraction.

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