By Juli McDonald

BOSTON (CBS) – For Boston-based musician Julie Rhodes, 2020 was shaping up to be big and bright: recording in Nashville, and a music festival in Austin. Then came Covid.

“Shows just started dropping left and right and we started having to cancel everything,” she said.

With stages dark, and venues closed – some of them for good… she’s trying to reach her audience online.

“It is really great we can still play music but it’s definitely not same,” she said. “It’s missing that element of togetherness in the room that’s so important.”

Julie Rhodes (WBZ-TV)

Across the country, millions of performers, promoters, and event professionals are highlighting the ways their industry is suffering. With no real end in sight, Rhodes is looking for other ways to be creative and earn income. She started an apparel business – The Electric Dye Co.

“I’m really happy to be doing that right now, to have something. For a little while there I was really worried about mental health. I think it’s a much needed burst of light and color and positivity,” Rhodes said.

Songwriting feels a little painful right now; But her passion for performing will never go away. She won’t give up on the Boston/Providence music scene.

“I think it’s too special of a thing to disappear,” she said. “Even if it takes a long time for live music to come back in full force, I think everyone is going to be ready for it to come back.”

Juli McDonald


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