By Christina Hager

SUDBURY (CBS) – “Don’t do it,” said Sudbury Town Manager Henry Hayes. “Is it really worth it?” He’s telling people not to have parties and not to go to them, after police found 50 to 60 teenagers gathered without masks over the weekend in Sudbury.

“There were a number of students that ran, and then there were a number that gave false information, which makes it very difficult to gain an understanding of what has, and what is happening,” said Hayes. As a result, the Lincoln-Sudbury School Superintendent switched to remote learning for this first week at the high school, which was supposed to reopen with a hybrid plan.

Dover-Sherborn High School families are in a similar situation. The superintendent pulled the plug on a hybrid plan set to start Tuesday. After reports of a party with about 150 unmasked students, school will be all-remote this week.

In Dedham, which was already a hot spot, police tweeted Monday about a “non-compliant” weekend party. Also, at the private school, Buckingham Browne and Nichols in Cambridge, administrators say they’re looking into reports of weekend parties.

In Monson, school started Monday with all-remote learning, despite plans for younger kids to return in-person, and a hybrid plan for older students. Health officials say the town became a “hot spot” after several parties.

“Lots of parties, lots of cars in people’s driveways,” said Monson School Superintendent Dr. Cheryl Clarke. “We understand people are trying to get out, and the weather’s beautiful, but just to be really mindful of wearing masks,” she said. “You can see how quickly it spreads just over a couple of days.”

Christina Hager

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  1. JOHN J DUMAS says:

    Just say no will never work when boys and girls want to get together. Anything else is delusional.

  2. Karen says:

    STOP having fun kids. Stay scared, alone, and afraid because the news said so. Or, rebel–and live your lives with passion and without fear. The choice is yours.

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