BOSTON (CBS) – Dr. Mallika Marshall is answering your coronavirus-related medical questions. If you have a question for Dr. Mallika, email her or message her on Facebook or Twitter.

Dr. Mallika is offering her best advice, but as always, consult your personal doctor before making any decisions about your personal health.

“Is it safe to take classes such as tai chi indoors at a senior center?”-Gail from Tewksbury

Anytime you gather people together indoors, you’re taking a risk, especially if you’re not wearing masks and especially in a senior center where people are at higher risk. Tai chi is an activity that is perfect for the outdoors, so perhaps they can arrange to conduct exercise classes outside while the weather is still nice.

“How are children and college students who are contracting COVID-19 doing with their recovery? Does it take them as long as older adults to recover?” -Debbie in Needham

Children and young adults tend to get less sick from COVID than older adults, but a good percentage don’t bounce back right away. In fact, according to a report by the CDC, about 20% of people ages 18 to 34 are still recovering two to three weeks after infection, even if they have no underlying health problems.

Dana says she is a senior citizen who lives in Dedham which is now in the “red zone” for coronavirus. She wonders if she should get tested.

Usually, you don’t need to get tested unless you develop symptoms consistent with COVID, have come into close contact with someone infected with COVID, or need to get tested for travel or work. But it sounds like officials are encouraging all residents in Dedham to get tested due to the rise in cases.

Mark wants to know if there is a danger of the virus becoming resistant to disinfectants and hand sanitizers.

That is unlikely. Coronaviruses have a lipid shell that is easily destroyed, making them particularly susceptible to disinfectants.


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