BOSTON (CBS) — If you can’t win on the field, you might as well try to rip the jewelry off the opposing quarterback’s neck.

That was seemingly the mantra of some members of the Miami Dolphins, who engaged Cam Newton in a bit of a scrap as the final seconds ticked off the clock on Sunday.

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Newton took a knee with 37 seconds to go, sealing a 21-11 victory in his Patriots debut. Sometime after that kneeldown, though, some words were exchanged on the field. Some Dolphins players were seen reaching at Newton’s neck area, and the quarterback said after the game that those opponents were trying to rip his chain off his neck.

“I got my chain. I still got my chain,” Newton said in his postgame video chat with reporters, showing that he didn’t lose his jewelry. “I got two of ’em, so you can see. Nah. They was reaching for my chain, though. They was reaching for my chain. And I think that kind of got up under my skin, but yet through it all man, listen, I do not want nothing to be taken away from a great team game that we did have. And I don’t want to be selfish to focus or dwell on that. I think for us as a team or me personally, a lot of tempers can flare and I was just teasing with Coach, I was just letting him know, like … that College Park almost came out of me. So, yet, through it all, man, it was just all fun and games, and it was expected.”

Though video was spotty, it looked like Christian Wilkins was the player who reached at Newton’s neck at least once.

Cam Newton is involved in an altercation with Miami Dolphins players. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Cam Newton is involved in an altercation with Miami Dolphins players. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

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Newton also had some interaction with former Patriots Kyle Van Noy and Elandon Roberts.

Cam Newton and Kyle Van Noy are involved in an altercation following their game. (Photo by Maddie Meyer/Getty Images)

Newton expressed some regret afterward for having engaged at all.

“It wasn’t nothing. It was a competitive game on both sides. You just have to realize who you’re talking to and we’ll just keep everything in the game,” Newton said. “I realized that I was talking to a person that’s known for doing splits, so, that wasn’t … that wasn’t characteristic of myself to keep going back and forth. But yeah, at the end of the day, it’s football. And for me, no matter who it is. I play with a competitive edge and I expect the other team to have a competitive edge as well. And at the end of the day, anything outside of that, it’s just all about respect. I don’t disrespect nobody, and I wouldn’t want anybody to disrespect me. But yet at the end of the day, we got the thing that was most valuable today and that’s the win.”

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Newton threw for 155 yards on 15-of-19 passing, and he also rushed for 75 yards and two touchdowns.