BOSTON (CBS) – New evidence filed by prosecutors in the kidnapping and death of Jassy Correia shows the suspect sent flirtatious text messages to a woman while Correia lay dead in his Providence condo.

In one text, prosecutors said Louis Coleman texted the woman that he was about to catch his flight back to California, but promised to let her know when he’s in town so they can meet up.

Prosecutors say Coleman sent the texts hours after he kidnapped Correia from outside a Boston nightclub and strangled her to death. She was later found dead in the trunk of Coleman’s car in Delaware.

Coleman could face the death penalty. He has pleaded not guilty.

  1. Remember when says:

    I like how they plead not guilty, which I think may be required at first.
    How do explain the the young lady in your trunk?
    This is terrible, and sad.

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