By Liam Martin

BOSTON (CBS) – Massachusetts schools have had to look at everything they do as they prepare for the new year and that includes how they clean.

Districts have changed schedules for custodians and hired more staff. Some have turned to high-tech solutions.

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Cape Cod Academy in Osterville will use a UV cart that drives over surfaces with ultraviolet light.

The Purifly device disinfects wherever it is sprayed. (WBZ-TV)

“It can kill bacteria, fungus, mold, and, of course, what we’re so interested in today during this pandemic, which is viruses,” said Kevin O’Neil. His company, Kobo Utility Construction, helped designed the car.

O’Neil, who has school-age children, said getting the product to schools was a priority, but it has been used safely at other businesses. He hopes it can provide relief for schools looking for peace of mind.

“The technology’s been around for 25 years,” said David Grenshaw, co-founder of Light Efficient Design. “More than that – maybe 35, 40 years. It’s applying it in an environment that’s open to the public is where it’s kind of a new concept.”

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Cape Cod Academy in Osterville will use a UV cart that drives over surfaces with ultraviolet light. (WBZ-TV)

The Medfield school system is using Purifly, a technology developed in Boston.

“It allows our custodians to go into the rooms as soon as they’re empty and very quickly kill any virus that is there, it kills them within four minutes,” said Jeffrey Marsten, superintendent of schools.

The owner of Purifly, Brittany Hampton, said the Purifly device is a more efficient and effective tool for school staff.

“A sneeze covers lots of places, where a cleaning solution might only hit one spot. This allows the full 365 coverage to kill all germs,” she said.

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Medfield will start school with a hybrid model on Wednesday, Sept. 16. Cape Cod Academy is gradually bringing its students back into the building this week.