LYNNFIELD (CBS) – A family in Lynnfield feels targeted after they say a group of teens set off a firework near their Black Lives Matter sign.

The incident was captured by a security camera Monday night, and homeowner Jason Caggiano believes the teens were trying to damage the sign on his front yard. “We are the only house within probably… at least 20 or 30 houses, there’s no other Black Lives Matter sign,” he said.

Caggiano’s 7-year-old daughter saw and heard the explosion Monday night around 8:00. When he checked the footage from his security camera, he could see a car pull up and someone light what appears to be a firework near one of his two signs supporting BLM.

Video captured an explosion in front on a Lynnfield home (Courtesy Picture)

The video was then shared online, and Caggiano says it lead to the teens turning themselves into police. He says he met with the teens at the police station Tuesday morning and they apologized. Caggiano said, “they were apologetic and apologized to my young daughter which I was thankful for, and they did seem remorseful.”

He said the teens told him there was no motivation behind the incident, but the Caggiano family is having a hard time believing that. “They say that the signs had nothing to do with the motivation, it was simply they wanted to get rid of a firework before getting home,” Caggiano explained.

Black Lives Matter sign outside Lynnfield home (WBZ-TV)

Jason’s wife Carly says it’s hard to believe their home wasn’t specifically targeted. She says it’s, “a little bit too coincidental that we are the only family in this neighborhood with the signs.”

Lynnfield Police say no damage was caused and the matter has been resolved, but the family says they are still deciding what they’d like to do next. Carly said, “it was a really scary event for us.”

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  1. Spragg says:

    Those kids are heroes. Black Lives Matter signs are racist, Marxist, and require people to give up all for blacks (who are not identified by ancestor country). The leaders of Black Lives Matter are homosexual sickos, claim to be trained Marxists, and push for violence and the destruction of the safe, nuclear family (Mom, Dad, 2 kids). It’s time that ALL Black Lives Matter signs to be destroyed, spit on, trampled, and shredded. If the media, and WBZ, want to push an anti-Caucasian, anti-Christian narrative, please look in the mirror at your powder-puffed faces that appear to have come out of a bee-hive.

    1. neilsagan says:

      Spragg has a complicated explanation for BlackLivesMatter that impunes the character and motives of the majority of Americans who support it. BlackLivesMatter demands police must be more judicious with lethal violence and when they are not, justice must be done

      There is a white navy veteran who lives in Kenosha County Wisconsin whose son was killed by police on the street in front of his house. He is protesting for how investigations of police use of lethal force are done because police wont hold police accountable. Nobody is calling him Marxist, homosexual sickos, who push for violence and the destruction of the safe, nuclear family. Did you know racists like to project their racism on others? That’s what Spragg is saying about people who support BLM. I bet Trump put him up to it.

      This news story is a good example of how neighbors should treat each other even when they disagree about each other’s politics– the boys apologized and the homeowner appreciated it.

      Trump has turned his supporters into people who endorse vigilante 17 teanagers shooting and killing protestors. Trump defended the 17yo boy who did just that the day before Trump visited Kenosha WI. Rabid supporters like Spragg will tell you the victims were subhuman and therefore 17yo Kyle Rittenhouse double homicide was a good thing. They say law and order they mean political violence and vigilantism.

      1. neilsagan says:

        Trump has turned some of his supporters into people who endorse vigilante 17yo teanagers shooting and killing protestors (We’ve come a long way from supporting or opposing take-a-knee protests, haven’t we?)

  2. Mike says:

    CBS, I hope you block or remove hate speech like the comment above. This is unacceptable.

  3. JimStark says:

    i don’t approve of the action by the teens but stupid behavior begets stupid behavior.

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