NEWBURY (CBS) – A Melrose native took on a big challenge on Monday: swimming the length of Plum Island. Kevin Whalen, who now lives in San Francisco, grew up spending his summers on Plum Island.

With his wife Bella leading him in a kayak, Whalen took off from the southern tip of the island late Monday morning for the 10-mile journey.

Kevin Whalen finishing his swim of Plum Island.(WBZ-TV)

“I hadn’t heard of anyone who swum the length of Plum Island before, and for me it’s just a special place that I’ve always come to,” Whalen told WBZ.

He completed the swim in four hours and one minute, about two hours faster than he was anticipating.

  1. Bella Whalen says:

    Great job Kevin!! And NO wetsuit?! Incredible, as a wise man once said, “you’re a beast!”

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