BOSTON (CBS) – A dog caused a bit of a headache for a Northeastern University student who was moving onto campus Saturday. Luckily, the family pet got himself out of the predicament with the help of a campus police officer.

Northeastern Police said a miniature poodle named Linus was sitting inside an idling car when he stepped on the automatic lock button.

An officer atgtempts to coax Linus into hitting the unlock button. (Image Credit: Northeastern Police)

Linus’ owner, the mother of an incoming Northeastern student, tried to get the dog to open the door but, “Linus could not be enticed to come to the window” and a tow truck was called.

Officer Armando Soto tried to entice Linus with a snack bar. The trick apparently worked, as the dog stepped onto the unlock button before the tow truck arrived.

“Tow truck canceled. Sweet!” police posted.


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