By Bill Shields

MARSHFIELD (CBS) – A Quincy police officer is facing disciplinary action after a group he was with was involved in a fight inside a Marshfield restaurant on Wednesday night.

Lei Yan, co-owner of Ming Restaurant, said a group of people ordered food and drinks, but when they took off their masks, she could tell they had been drinking. She refused to serve them more alcohol.

A woman in the group was seen on video charging one of the owners of Ming Restaurant in Marshfield, breaking clear plastic barriers in the restaurant. (Courtesy photo)

An off-duty Quincy police officer allegedly pulled out his police identification and demanded drinks. A woman in the group was seen on video charging one of the owners, breaking clear plastic barriers in the restaurant.

“She shoved me,” said co-owner James Tian. “They tried to stop me … I was calling 911.”

“Two of the five – a man and a woman – were belligerent, refused to put masks on, and when they were refused services of alcoholic beverages, their behavior just escalated,” said Marshfield Police Chief Phil Tavares.

Marshfield police were called to the scene, but the owners decided not to press charges. The restaurant was cited last month for violating the face-mask rules.

Bill Shields

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  1. Thomas Graves says:

    And we wonder why we question the fairness of our police! Are we stupid? The victims refused to press charges; why? If they did, everyone knows the results: lose of license! Marsfield Police honored the code: don’t question their own!
    I guess racism is not limited to the South, it is alive in Marshfield!
    Tom Graves

    1. JimStark says:

      and this story relates to racism how? it doesn’t. fool.

  2. Thomas Graves says:

    edit: loss of license

  3. JimStark says:

    The Ming is known as a place the local go for underaged drinking. it is a dump and a bad place with unsavory customers. the majority of patrons are dirtbags. avoid.

    1. Thomas Graves says:

      So why were they there? Are they dirtbags? Your response says it all! Spoken like a true MAGA Trumper!

  4. Jim Freeman says:

    IS ANYONE SURPRISED IN THE AGE OF DENIAL AND CORRUPTION? Hey, just flash your badge, and you can do whatever you want. And be WARNED..if you don’t serve the BLUE BOYS AND GIRLS more booze, we will harass you non-stop and put you out of business. AND BOY OH BOY, there are a lot of spoiled white people that think they are on the right of history shooting their mouths off against BLM and supporting the police…but what they will soon find out is that THEY are the real minority. Most people are not racist, and if they keep pushing their fantasyland CIVIL WAR dreams, they will quickly learn what happened to the southerners in the last one. ;)

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