By Anaridis Rodriguez

BOSTON (CBS) – The Phantom Gourmet is returning to TV this weekend, after a two-month hiatus. The long-running show came under criticism in June, when CEO Dave Andelman posted comments on Facebook mocking Black Lives Matter protesters.

Dave has since resigned from the company; his brother Dan will take over.

“We’re going to look at this as the ultimate teaching moment. We’ve listened, and we’ve learned. And I think once we could put our actions to positively affect the community, I think we can really do some good,” said Dan Andelman.

Andelman says those actions include a complete overhaul of the company’s culture. At the helm of diversity and inclusion training will be community activist Tito Jackson, who’ll also help Phantom use its platform to elevate minority owned businesses.

“We are looking at an extended, at least year-long engagement, to do executive coaching, working with the actual staff, [we’ll be] looking at hiring,” Jackson said. “The real objective is working with people who are going to hold them to the grindstone when it comes to doing the right thing over the course of time. And changing the show, so the show is a reflection of the folks that are in the community.”

Dan Andelman says he hopes to turn this into an opportunity to help restaurants stay open. “This pandemic has been absolutely devastating to the restaurant business. But it’s been disproportionately devastating to minority owned restaurants in the city of Boston,” Andelman said. “I think by keeping our focus on finding these restaurants, meeting these people, and telling their stories, we can really make a positive impact.”

Anaridis Rodriguez

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  1. Lorraine Pennell says:

    How disappointing. I won’t be watching your channel ever again.

  2. disappointed says:

    Nope. I will tell everyone to boycott all WBZ and my38 because obviously station management is ok with racism and misogyny and only cares about money

  3. Tom says:

    The brothers ruined Phantom Gourmet. They featured chain restaurants and passed them off as ‘finds’. The late Severin, Michelle McFee and the Andleman Brothers were all hard to look at and even harder to listen to. Is station management tone deaf?

  4. tom jone says:

    Should never have been taken off the air. He said what he said on his personal account, and nothing to do with the show. Everyone has a right to their opinion even if we don’t agree! Somewhere along the lines that got forgotten!

  5. Stinky says:

    I agree with the first three replies! Not the last one. When you have celebrity status, as Dave Andelman did, you do not have a personal account.

  6. tom truax says:

    Sooo disappointed at what I saw today; thrilled to see Phantom back on the air; but at what cost? BLM is not about racial equality so why did the racists like Tito Jackson hang Dave Andelman? Ad then I saw the spot about black owned restaurants in Dorchester and in Roxbury; yeah like we’re all going to go to these places to sample the Kenyan food and Haitian food that Tito was peddling on the show. If they are going to be allowed to strong arm these racist points of view on one of my favorite shows that is bad enough, but don’t tell me I have to go to Dorchester or Roxbury to find food; people DIE in these parts of Boston from gun fights, this is why people will not stand behind BLM

  7. Very disappointed. says:

    Channel 38 should be ashamed accepting this back. I don’t think changing is a possibility if it is financially motivated. Only financially motivated. We listened to Dave whine on line about how he cared about his financial situation before it was taken off air. Suddenly he cares about others? I don’t think so. Adding a flash add for black restaurants is NOT the same as going there, tasting, showing the experience. I will not watch this again. I’m sure Dave whined again. When you make your fortune because of public support, the public has a right to know who they are supporting. You lose your personal rights. STOP WHINING ANDLEMAN BROTHERS, others were hurt much worse than you.

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