By Juli McDonald

ARLINGTON (CBS) – When Covid-19 first forced us all home, an Arlington family decided to embrace just that: exploring the community they’ve called home for nearly 18 years.

“I pulled out the map in our local phone book and I was like what if we just walked all the streets?” Adam Pachter explained.

In May, they set out, day by day crossing off street by street all the while discovering the true character of each and every neighborhood.

“Such a wide variety of colors and shapes. All different styles that while being so different blend together so nicely,” said daughter Maya Pachter.

“Out of all these many communities, there’s one town. You see the way they work together. That was really neat for us,” Adam added.

Each walk, featuring a different show. From blooming spring flowers to beautiful sunsets.

“The sunsets were amazing and the colors reflected on bodies of water and the buildings of Boston looking like pillars of fire because the sunset lit them up,” said daughter Lucy Pachter.

In three months, they covered all 123 miles. Hours and hours away from screens, talking to each other.

“We’d kind of pair off two and two if there were four of us and switch it up. Laugh about the fact that someone tried to get ahead of the other people,” said wife Debbie Miller of the family time.

They say quarantine gave them three priceless gifts: exercise, family ties and open eyes.

“It’s like the whole world’s in here and we got to enjoy it all,” said Adam.

Juli McDonald

  1. Artty Lang says:

    Very nice. Just an update however. A recent study has shown that wearing a bandanna as a mask is actually worse then wearing nothing. The ultra thin material breaks up otherwise large particles into tiny particles that are easier to inhale and stay airborne longer. Please wear real masks.

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