By Juli McDonald

QUINCY (CBS) – A Quincy woman who lost both parents to coronavirus had to take on Comcast, which wanted to bill her for cable service her parents never used.

“It’s hard to believe it’s real because of the circumstances of not being able to see them in the hospital,” Jessica Kenneally said. “It kind of makes it surreal.”

A quick springtime drive by her childhood home was the last time Jessica Kenneally would see her parents. Richard, a cancer survivor, and wife Cecilia would be taken by Covid-19 within weeks of each other.

Cecilia and Richard Kenneally (Family photo)

“They were the epitome of best friends. Together since 19 years old. My father just retired from Quincy public schools last June. They were pretty well known around the city. Loved by all,” Jessica said.

Now, the couple’s heartbroken daughters are sifting through mail and closing accounts – like the cable. The Comcast bill had been adding up since they both were hospitalized.

“I think what just struck a chord the most is they said, ‘Oh, you should have canceled it back in May.’ Whose thought is that? Who’s going to have both parents in the hospital and think that?” Kenneally said.

After WBZ-TV emailed Comcast, the company told Jessica she would not be responsible for the balance. In a statement, Comcast said: “We are very sorry for Ms. Kenneally’s loss. We connected with Ms. Kenneally to confirm the credit was applied on the account and apologize for her experience.”

“I think all we’re really looking for is compassion and human emotion and understanding. No one expected this,” Jessica said.

Juli McDonald

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  1. Mia says:

    Cable companies are the worst. I’m glad this got resolved and they fixed it but they need training and better customer service when it comes to someone who died. Not Comcast but another cable company wanted me to drive a hour with my husband’s death certificate to cancel their service. At the time, I was heavily grieving and my kids were 7 and 4 so that was not going to happen. It was shocking.

  2. Austin S O'Toole says:

    I can’t find an e mail address for Juli McDonald, but I have an 85 year old elderly man who is confined in a quarantined retirement residence, he wants to reduce his $230+/month bill with Comcast but they will not allow this unless he either goes to one of their storefronts, of which there are none in his metropolitan area, or goes online to create an account, and he does not use a computer. They will not allow anyone to help him adjust his excessively overpriced account with the assistance of someone on the phone, effectively making it impossible to either change or reduce the price on this account. This is elderly abuse, gauging and consumer fraud of the highest order. This has been going on for several months during the Covid lockdown.

    1. Marina says:

      Hi Austin,
      Was this issue with the $230+/month bill ever resolved? Does the person live in Massachusetts?

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