BOSTON (CBS) – New England Patriot World Champions Willie McGinest, Ty Law and Teddy Bruschi made a special visit to Roxbury Saturday afternoon to tackle an important issue; voter registration.

New England Patriots turned out in Roxbury to encourage people to register to vote. (WBZ-TV)

McGinest, who helped lead the charge, said it’s challenging to get folks who live urban communities to register and exercise the right to vote. “It’s hard to get people to come out and register. For whatever reason. That’s – that’s the key. You want change? You can scream to the top of your lungs. You can protest, you can post it, but you’ve got to go out and vote,” the Patriots Hall of famer said. 

The event was held at Roxbury Community College and sponsored by the Patriots Organization. Patriots owner Robert Kraft also took the time to support the mission. “The great congressman who just passed away wrote a great, it was like an ethical will. He spoke how important it was – for people who care about change and making things better – how important it was to vote, so we as an organization are trying to help facilitate that,” Kraft said. 

The former world champs handed out sweatshirts, signed autographs and also stressed the importance of voting. Law said its important people hear this message over and over again. “Sometimes we do have to remind you do have a right to vote. It’s your honor, it’s a privilege to be able to go out and do so, so take advantage of it,” Law said.

Their message resonated with Roxbury resident Dion Johnson.  “The ocal elections are important. Everything is important. I think there is a heightened awareness with everything going on,” she said.


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