By Tiffany Chan

BOSTON (CBS) – Dozens of people gathered near Copley Square in Boston, some with the Lebanese flag draped over their shoulders, demanding peace and political change.

The explosions in Beirut, Lebanon, were seen and heard around the world.

“Those people are our people. The 150 people who died,” said one protester.

The emotional impacts could be felt in Boston.

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“Seeing that such amazing people can’t really do anything in such a powerless country. It makes my heart ache,” said Adelene Jeneid of Boston.

One protester told WBZ-TV that he didn’t attend the Saturday vigil to point fingers but simply to offer support to his people.

“I’m not here to point fingers myself. I’m not in that position. I’m here to support my people. I’m here to support my brother,” said Kabalane Jeneid.

Others couldn’t help but voice their outrage, demanding the Lebanese government take responsibility for the blasts reportedly caused by combustible ammonium nitrate that was stored at the Beirut port for years but never destroyed.

“They are corrupt. They killed my people. What more can I say than our government killed our people,” said Anthony Tamer of Boston.

The explosion killed more than 150 people and wounded thousands more as rescue teams continue to search through the rubble for survivors.

But through the pain, protesters said there’s hope.

“It’s depressing, it’s sad, but they say the Lebanese people are resilient,” said Tamers.

“To see powerful nations come together and to see people care with their whole hearts,” said Adelene Jeneid. “It’s powerful, it’s amazing.”

Tiffany Chan


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