By Paul Burton

TYNGSBORO (CBS) – Roller Kingdom Vice President Jeff Theise said the arcade and skating floor remain shut down as the state holds off on Part 2 of Phase 3.

“It’s been tough for four-and-a-half months – no income and closed down for another month,” Theise said.

Roller Kingdom Vice President Jeff Theise said it’s been a tough four-and-a-half months. (WBZ-TV)

Now, the business has decided to re-invent itself temporarily and provide monitored virtual Learning as kids return back to school.

“Some parents can’t stay home with their kids all day. Here they can get school work done and have some sort of social interaction with other kids but feel safe in their environment,” Theise said. They already have partitions, spacing and signage in place. The only thing missing is the children.

“We are not claiming to be teachers, but we are supervising them as they do their remote learning,” Theise said. “A safe spot for parents to drop their kids off. The same kids and 25 maximum.”

Roller Kingdom is a 25,000-square-foot facility, which leaves plenty of space for monitored virtual learning. Right now, Roller Kingdom is still waiting to get final approval from the state, but they are already getting several requests. “A lot of positive feedback people are looking for different ways to have their kids learning in a somewhat normal setting. We are still in the planning process,” Theise said.

Theise said his family has been running the business since 1979, and they will not let this current pandemic stop them from working with kids and families.

“It’s a need that the community has right now, and honestly, it would be a way for us to get some sort of income as well and remain safe,” he said.

Paul Burton


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