BOSTON (CBS) — The Massachusetts Department of Public Health reported 290 new confirmed coronavirus cases and 17 additional deaths in the state on Saturday.

For a fourth straight day, the state included a note that a technical error by a hospital group caused a reporting delay that factored into the uptick in cases

“A technical reporting error by a hospital group caused a delay in its laboratory test results being reported to DPH,” a note in the daily dashboard reads. “These newly reported test results have been included in today’s dashboard report and are reflected in today’s case totals. However, these positive test results have been assigned retrospectively to the appropriate date of test.”

The total number of confirmed coronavirus cases in the state is now 110,077 while the total number of deaths is 8,406.

As of Saturday, there are 369 people currently hospitalized for a coronavirus-related illness, an increase of 22 from Friday. There are 53 patients currently in intensive care.

There were 12,595 new tests reported in the last 24 hours. A total of 1,193,200 people in Massachusetts have now been tested for coronavirus.

The average age of COVID-19 cases in Massachusetts is 50. The average age of deaths in COVID-19 cases is 82.

There were also 138 new probable cases reported Thursday for a total of 7,963 probable cases in the state.

Probable cases are people who were not given a standard test but tested positive for the antibody and had COVID-19 symptoms or have not been given any type of test but had COVID-19 symptoms and were exposed to a known positive case. Probable cases also include individuals whose death certificate says coronavirus even though they were not tested.


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