By Nick Emmons, WBZ-TV

BOSTON (CBS) – Bars and restaurants outside Fenway Park are getting creative to attract fans who won’t be allowed inside the historic ballpark for the upcoming Red Sox season.

The Lyons Group, which owns several area establishments, has worked out a deal with the city to set up seating in the shadow of the Green Monster on Lansdowne Street. “This is the closest you’re going to get to being inside the park this year,” said Ryan Jones of The Lyons Group.

The coronavirus pandemic shut down bars and restaurants in the city in March, a month normally jammed with sporting events, and St. Patrick’s Day. Jones said, “The timing couldn’t have been worse for us.”

Outdoor dining behind Green Monster on Lansdowne Street (WBZ-TV)

The outdoor concept is an attempt to salvage what was lost over the past few months, and offer fans a taste of a traditional game day. “Our bars and restaurants very heavily depend on Fenway events, Red Sox games, tourists, and a lot of that’s not going on this year,” Jones said. “So you’ve got to get creative. You’ve got to think outside the box.”

On game days, Lansdowne Street will be closed to traffic, and strict social distancing guidelines will be enforced. Jones said, “our tables are all going to be six feet apart and we’re going to have people who are strictly responsible for making sure people are paying attention to those guidelines.”

As far as how to watch the game while outside the ballpark, Jones said they are still trying to work out a deal with the city to have TVs outside. “There are some restrictions on what we can do from an entertainment standpoint, but we’re trying to figure out a solution with those guys right now,” Jones said.


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