SOUTHBORO (CBS) — The state launched a new website to help residents report businesses not complying with coronavirus safety regulations Monday.

“We know everybody’s working hard to be safe and create the best new normal we can with COVID-19, and we are deeply grateful for the cooperation of our employer community and so many others, and we hope this tool can help promote accountability as we continue to reopen Massachusetts,” Gov. Charlie Baker said at a press conference. “Our success on the reopening piece will be driven in many ways by compliance with the Workforce Safety Standards that have been developed.”

“If folks believe that a business or an employer is not observing the safety guidelines, we set up a process for people in the public, or employees, to reach out and communicate that,” said the governor.

The website is

If violations are discovered, businesses could face punishment.

“We can establish industry protocols. We can establish statewide guidance. But most of the time, the actual act of following up on issues around compliance, unless they’re very particular areas where we’re in fact the regulator and the overseer, are going to be done by our colleagues in local government,”  Baker continued.

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  1. Frank DeLorey says:

    Big Brother is watching….

  2. JimStark says:

    Frank you beat me too it.
    Reminds be of Janet Napolitano suggesting people essentially spy on their neighbors.

  3. Jerri Higgins says:

    If a business is in violation and is reported, and it saves someone from being on a ventilator or dying alone by suffocating from COVID-19 when it was preventable, that is not overreach.
    This is a deadly virus that can be minimized or avoided, not some ridiculous ‘mind-your-own-business’ issue. This should be ALL of our business to protect each other and stop this damn thing.

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