BOSTON (CBS) – Boston Police are looking to identify two people in connection with the vandalism of a Black Lives Matter art installation in Allston.

The incident happened at about 9:20 pm on Thursday in the area of 321 Lincoln Street.

A photo released by Boston Police shows the man who allegedly spray painted some of the yellow letters. He was with a woman at the time.

The mural is bolted to a MassDOT fence along the Mass Pike. Justin Pomerleau owns Vivant Vintage across the street. He described what his surveillance camera captured.

“He just came up with a black can of spray paint, just started filling in the word black,” Pomerleau told WBZ. “It took them a while because people were walking by, they kept stopping they gave us great shots of their face by turning towards the cameras.”

Pomerleau said someone in the neighborhood quickly noticed the paint and started cleaning it off when it was still wet.

Police are looking for a man and woman in connection with the vandalism of a Black Lives Matter sign in Allston (Image credit BPD)

He believes whoever did it should be charged with a hate crime. “It’s just clear racism, it’s like a hate crime towards a whole group of people not just an individual person,” Pomerleau said.

The store owner said this is not the first time the sign has been vandalized.

“We wanted to try to figure this out because it keeps happening and the message should be left alone,” Pomerleau said.

The 319-foot-long art installation was moved to Allston by the Rose Kennedy Greenway Conservancy in 2017.

Anyone with information is asked to contact Boston Police.

  1. Tamara Walsh says:

    Not that this makes it right what that man did, but all lives matter.

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