By Paula Ebben

CONCORD (CBS) – An iconic mom and pop toy store is set to close after nearly 80 years in business. The Toy Shop has been a fixture in Concord since 1942.

After owning the shop since 1988, Dan Hesel has decided to retire to spend more time with family.

The shop bills itself as “America’s first specialty toy store” and focuses on toys that stimulate imagination and curiosity.

The shop has only had three owners since 1942 and has faced tough times over the years. In 2015, it was almost forced out of business during a dispute with the landlord over $80,000.

During the pandemic, the toy shop shut down along with other businesses but still did curbside sales.

It reopened in June, but sales have not recovered. The store will officially close on July 31.

Paula Ebben


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