PLYMOUTH (CBS) – Plimoth Plantation will be changing its name to be more inclusive of the area’s Native American history, the living history museum, which opened in 1947, announced Wednesday.

“Although our educational mission is inclusive of Indigenous history as well as European colonial history, the name of the Museum underscores only half of the story,” the museum said in a prepared statement.

According to the museum, discussions about a name change have been underway for more than a year, and the museum plans to announce the new name later this year when it commemorates the 400th anniversary of the Pilgrims’ arrival.

(Courtesy photo: Plimoth Plantation)

However, until the name change is decided, the museum is using a special logo that includes Plimoth, the English colonists’ name for the land, and Patuxet, the name the indigenous people gave to the land. The new logo uses both Plimoth and Patuxet with a blue swirl in between the names.

“The story we tell about an indigenous-colonial hybrid society that emerged here in the 17th century is the story of the United States’ complex beginnings. It is a story of collaboration and conflict, of understanding and miscommunication. It is a story of diplomacy and subterfuge, of respect and of oppression, of friendship and mistrust. It is a story of ideals and of profound faith. It is a story of growth and change, of triumph and loss, of compassion and cruelty. It is a story of alliances made and broken, of innovations forged of necessity. It is a story of great and inspiring courage in the face of adversity. It is a story of equality and inequality. It is a story of daring greatly, of risking all, of persevering against the odds, of cultural destruction and cultural survival. In short, it is America,” the museum said.

The museum is welcoming input from the community on the name change.

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  1. This is becoming ridiculous

    1. JimStark says:

      We passed ridiculous a long time ago.

  2. Robert Bander says:

    More inclusive? How about calling it the House Fly Farm. Look, Thank God the whites came to America in 1620. Be proud that you are white, and down with all those jealous of that fact. Tear down all Black Lives Matter signs.

  3. JimStark says:

    Plantation is another word for farm.
    This is getting embarrassing.
    Do these virtue signalling fools understand how much these BS moves are pushing normal people (of all races) to resent them. I will boycott every company or organization that play identity politics.

  4. Pat Baker says:

    Wow, outright racism. Umm… I don’t think the people at Plimoth ~ Pawtuxet are the fools.

  5. Jerry Burke says:


  6. Tim Downie says:

    in webster dictionary the historic meaning is a new colony and uses Plymouth Plantation as a reference .. born and raised n Plymouth and this is beyond hilarious

  7. emilie hamilton says:

    I like the logo of Plimoth – Patuxet. honors both.

  8. Nancy Monroe says:

    The “wokeness” will wane… soon the majority will rise from their chairs and step outside to stop this…

    1. Nancy Monroe says:

      This is not me. Please remove the comment. Someone hacked my account.

  9. Craig Averill says:

    People come from all around the nation to see Plimouth Plantation. Folks don’t come to see Patuxet. It serves no purpose to change the name of such an historic site – the rest of the country will still call it “Plymouth.” (Louisa May Alcott’s Orchard used to be called Musketaquid. Wonder if they will rename that museum?) I trace my family lineage to Stephen Hopkins of Plimouth.

  10. James Gren says:

    I’m a long time Plymouth resident who has a solution. A good name would be Plimoth Plantation end of story.

  11. Flern says:

    Everyone is right. People will alwacall it the Plimouth plantation no matter what you call it. Leave it be. Your being inclusive by having all the beautiful displays and education about the history of the indigenous people there. No need to change anything.

  12. mefaulk says:

    It needs to be kept as Plymouth Plantation. All this name change has been planned for along time. It must be stopped. History is history that we need to learn from.

  13. Fert Lander says:

    Has everyone gone nuts? You think changing the name will protect you when it comes to attacking one of the first wave of “white colonists”. Have some nads and as Tom Petty sang ” Don’t Back Down”. So much BS going on today!

  14. Faye Matthews Silliman says:

    When the pilgrims arrived they landed at an abandoned Native-American village, called Patuxet, whose inhabitants had died in the infamous disease epidemic of 1616-1618.

  15. bob Santos says:

    leave the name alone

  16. Jeff Northrup says:

    Absolutely no need for a name change.

  17. Joe Quigley says:

    The name Plimouth is not being removed. Patuxet is being added. How does that wipe out as oppose add to history? It is not the word “plantation” that is the reason for the change. Hell, the pilgrims changed the name of the place when they arrived.

  18. George Adamson says:

    I say if you do one, then do ’em all. Start with Boston and change it to Shawmut. Follow through with all the cities and towns. As a bonus it will keep all the sign makers employed for at least a decade.

  19. Bill says:

    Do you really believe that the indigenous natives named the area Patuxet?

  20. Carol says:

    next the Mayflower, OH and don’t forget the Nina, Pinta and Santa Maria, and then there is Plymouth Rock……..and on and on and on until we erase all of our History

  21. Paul Johnson says:

    Enough of the political correctness and silliness. The Plimoth Hood just doesn’t cut it.

  22. SFairchild says:

    Please lets face the facts without Native American intervention the “original” Pilgrims would have starved to death shortly after they landed. It’s time the true story is told. There is no way a bunch of religious zealots feed, clothed and housed themselves the first year they were here. The thanks the Native Americans got was disease, land removal, and War. Please read the book 1612 to see who truly settled The Americas. Please note this comment is being made by a descendant who can trace their journey to America back to 1630.

    1. Descendant says:

      Same here — I’m a descendant of 4 Mayflower voyagers. I wouldn’t be here either if it weren’t for the help of the indigenous people who were “rewarded” in the ways that you describe. I am all for the name revision and for telling a more complete story. In my opinion the “cancellation” of history occurred when we left out the relationship between the settlers and the indigenous.

  23. Nigel Tufnel says:

    Here’s my suggestion: “Virtue Signal Village, home of the Snowflake”. The geniuses around here also changed the annual Christmas concert by the local amateur symphony by cleverly removing all references to Christianity and replacing all the traditional carols with Frosty the Snowman pablum. The Puritans who arrived looking for freedom of religious expression might be pretty mystified that their successful venture is now being sublimated to a ludicrous exercise in foolish semantics. As Christians, now they are canceled.

  24. perkinsdk says:

    Absurd. Keep both names or no change at all. You are nullifying the colonists.

  25. The Boston Red Sox were originally named the Boston Americans – are you all going to complain that we should go back to that since we’ve lost that history?

    Change happens, it’s for the better, you will live so get over it and move on…

  26. The title has Plymouth spelled wrong, unless you’re talking about Earth 2 or something. ;-)

    1. Peter Plunkett says:

      Plimoth is the 17th century historic spelling so Plimoth Plantation is the actual name of the museum.

  27. Naomi Pinson says:

    Long overdue. History is not the history of the colonizer alone. Scrolling down I had to give up up reading all the incredibly stupid and racist remarks. How fragile and afraid these folks appear to me.

  28. It’s pretty shocking how much grotesque racism is in this comments section. I’m not a snowflake, and I don’t see “racism” everywhere, but when people beat you over the head with it, it’s okay to point it out.

  29. Susan Shriver says:

    Really?? We have to rewrite this history, too?? I grew up near Plymouth and spent many summers camping there. Enough is enough!!

  30. Michael says:

    Kind ironic when organizations like my old High School are dropping references to the natives.

  31. JimStark says:

    A bit sad that the virtue signallers are so stupid that they call people racist for thinking a name change of something is a bad idea.

  32. John Towle says:

    Call it Patuxet and Plimoth Plantation. That way you are both inclusive and historically accurate. As a museum you should strive for an accurate representatation of history. It was called Plimoth Plantation. As a plus the children on field trips would learn that the word plantation does not always mean what they think it did. Education – That’s what you do isn’t it?

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