By Michael Hurley, CBS Boston

BOSTON (CBS) — If there’s one thing Julian Edelman loves to do, it’s exercise. If there’s a second thing Julian Edelman loves to do, it’s having people take photographs and videos of him while exercising. He once had a whole documentary made about him where half of it was just him exercising shirtless. He loves it!

While such joys are understandable for a man in supreme shape, Edelman has now earned the ultimate reward for his off-field passion.

The Patriots receiver won the Takie Award from the podcast “Pardon My Take” for “Thirst Trap Of The Year.” The award was presented by none other than Chris Hansen — no, not the former Pats punter with the same sounding name, but the former host of “To Catch A Predator.”

A “thirst trap,” for the uninitiated, is a photo posted on social media where someone shows off their body. It’s simply a way of saying, “Hey, world. Here’s my body. Check it out, why don’t you? LOOK AT IT. Thank you.”

In the case of Edelman, who has been a guest on the podcast, he took a lot of heat from the PMT hosts for using Father’s Day as an opportunity to post a thirst trap on Instagram.

That thirst trap in question was this one:

The hosts had given Edelman a hard time for the post when Edelman was on the show, so the 34-year-old took the victory in stride.

“I just want to thank everyone who made this moment possible,” Edelman tweeted. “First and foremost the holiday of Father’s Day, for providing me an outlet. Everyone from my photographer to my strength coach. To the
@PardonMyTake guys. And of course… the [Award-Winning Listeners]. You all made this dream a reality.”

Gracious in victory, and spreading the credit among all of those who deserve it — just like always.

Edelman’s response was appropriately tongue-in-cheek, but it paled in comparison to the production value that Blake Griffin applied to his victory in the “Blake of the Year” category.

Given Edelman’s passion for film making, he may have to be ready for a similar mini-documentary next summer.

For now, though, Edelman may or may not clear space on his mantel for the fake award to sit next to his Super Bowl MVP trophy. But it might get higher placement than his 2006 Second Team All-MAC certificate.


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