BOSTON (CBS) – Police announced that a 65-year-old man is facing charges after an incident during which a Black woman said she was followed and harassed. The woman captured part of the exchange on cell phone video.

The woman, who WBZ-TV is not identifying, told police she was on Juniper Terrace Monday afternoon to pick up some free dog food she learned about on a community Facebook page.

A man who was summonsed after police said he followed a woman who was in Groveland. (Courtesy Image)

When the woman began to drive home, she said a man followed her in his car for several minutes, so she pulled onto a side street.

Another resident saw the exchange between the man, who is White, and the woman, and asked him to leave.

On Thursday, police said a 65-year-old man from Groveland who was not identified will be charged with disorderly conduct and disturbing the peace.

The man will be summonsed to Haverhill District Court at a later date for a Clerk Magistrate’s hearing.

  1. clm says:

    congratulations to the victim of this racist hateful and completely inappropriate intrusion; no one should be stopped by another driver because they are simply “there” and the victim of course is right; he stopped and followed her simply because she is NOT WHITE — IT IS SOO GOOD TO AT LEAST HEAR in this report the criminal will be held accountable for harassment; it should be against the law — any form of aggression from a fellow citizen should be criminalized with hefty penalty; fine $10,000.00 and minimum of 2 years prison time; with no way to duck the penalty; and community service and a posh prison should be not allowed.

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