BOSTON (CBS) – The MSPCA is hoping to locate the owner of a cat who they say is lucky to be alive after she was found in Roxbury with injuries so bad that her tail had to be amputated.

Sally was found June 26 on Columbus Ave. She was rushed to MSPCA’s Angell Animal Medical Center by a Good Samaritan with what’s described as a “de-gloving” of her tail.

“We’re not exactly sure how Sally was injured—she may have been struck by a car or gotten her tail trapped in a door or fence—but she suffered a ‘de-gloving’ of her tail, which means all of the skin had been stripped from her tail, exposing the bone underneath,” said Dr. Charlie Cournoyer.

Sally was found with injuries so severe, her tail needed to be amputated. (Image Credit: MSCPA-Angell)

Sally did not have a microchip, and was not wearing an ID collar.

Anyone who believes Sally may be their cat is asked to email If her owner is not located, Sally will be placed up for adoption.

“She is so affectionate and loving, so it’s likely she once lived with people. But, unless someone gets in touch with us, it’s impossible for us to find her previous family—so as soon as she recovers we will place her into a wonderful adoptive home,” said Anna Rafferty-Arnold, associate director of the MSPCA’s Boston adoption center.