BOSTON (CBS) — Boston University may change the name of its mascot. The school says the name “Rhett” pays tribute to a fictional character associated with the Confederacy and slavery.

The Boston Terrier mascot was chosen in 1922. The nickname references Clark Gable’s character in “Gone With The Wind.” In the novel and Hollywood film, Rhett is in love with Scarlett  – and scarlet happens to be BU’s school color.

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“Despite this seemingly cute connection between the movie and our mascot’s name, the fact is that the movie’s portrayal of the American Civil War, postwar reconstruction, and slavery is offensive,” BU President Robert Brown said in a statement. “And it is reasonable for people to question why, at a university founded by abolitionists, we have a mascot nicknamed for a character in a film whose racist depictions are completely at odds with our own tradition.”

Mascot Rhett the Terrier of the Boston University Terriers entertains from the ice during the Beanpot Tournament (Photo by Elsa/Getty Images)

In June, HBO Max temporarily removed “Gone With The Wind” from its platform and returned it with a disclaimer acknowledging that the film “denies the horrors of slavery.”

A committee will explore whether the Rhett nickname should be retired. A decision is expected by mid-October.

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  1. VincentVega says:

    Another poorly written story. The mascot was chosen in 1922, Gone With the Wind was first published in the mid 30s and the movie was release in 1939, when was the name Rhett chosen? The story nevers says. If the name Rhett was chosen before the book or movie and the dump the name, BU has become as dumb as one of its’ recent well known graduates, AOC.

  2. Steve Jong says:

    As a double Terrier, the name of the mascot is unimportant to me. Change it to Red if you want. Close enough. Go BU!

  3. I want to know…if you change the name? Remove any reference in Yearbooks etc…Can you go to the Library and all the references to Rhett the last 75 years or so will evaporate from the pages? Exactly what is achieved.

  4. Bb tapper says:

    Were these people dropped on their heads as babies?

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