By Paul Burton

BOSTON (CBS) — Suffolk County District Attorney Rachael Rollins was among hundreds at the March Like a Mother Black Lives Matter Boston event outside Trinity Church on Saturday. Through songs, poetry and speeches, mothers made their voices heard at a first-of-its-kind rally at Copley Square.

The mission is to call on all mothers to intervene when they see a child being hurt. “George called on his mother in the last few seconds of his life and that summoned all mothers,” organizer Latoya Gayle said.

At the gathering, Suffolk DA Rachel Rollins read off dozens of names of black lives lost to police.

“We went from slavery to Jim Crow to mass incarceration. And now we are seeing, due to cell phones, what many communities knew well before that — police brutality,” Rollins said.

Carla Sheffield lost her son, Anthony Burrell Ramsey, to police back in 2012.

“For eight years I’ve been looking for justice. Regardless of how strong you are it always comes back. And to go through the system and not get justice hurts even more,” she said.

The event was also a call to action to end systemic racism, police brutality and to overhaul of the justice system.

“We are calling on all mothers to take that call to action seriously and to make sure to listen to the policies that can better impact the lives of black people,” organizer Sarah Idgrisso said.

Paul Burton


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