BOSTON (CBS) — Boston Police Commissioner William Gross says he’s alarmed by an alleged incident involving officers and a “hostile crowd” Tuesday evening. The department said in a statement that officers were “surrounded and assaulted” by the crowd.

It happened at about 5:40 p.m. in Roxbury in the area of Humboldt Avenue and Crawford Street. Police said officers were responding to a call for a person carrying a fanny pack containing a gun, and stopped a man carrying a fanny pack.

The statement from police said that because there was a “large crowd” in the area, officers tried to get control of the suspect’s hands. The suspect allegedly then “grabbed the officer’s wrist and began squeezing it.”

Police said the suspect continued to resist arrest and caused a police body camera to be knocked off an officer. The crowd grew and someone opened a fire hydrant, “causing a heavy flow of water pressure onto the street directed at the officers,” according to the statement.

Someone also threw buckets of water at officers while they tried to put the suspect into a cruiser, police said.

“I’m alarmed by the level of hostility my officers had to face while arresting a felon armed with an illegal firearm. They were attacked by members of the very same community they were attempting to protect by affecting this arrest,” Gross said in a statement. Public safety is a shared responsibility, we need to continue to work together, not in opposition towards one another, to achieve that goal.”

Police recovered a loaded revolver and charged 44-year-old Jermaine Thomas, of Mattapan, with unlawful possession of a firearm, unlawful possession of ammunition and resisting arrest. He’s expected to be arraigned in Roxbury District Court.


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  1. VincentVega says:

    and if the felon used the weapon on someone else ti would be no big deal, but the police are the bad guys?

    1. Johnny Kay says:

      Let’s speak plainly. We are being held hostage by 14% of the population — one-half of whom are low-IQ dysfunctionals, the other half too addicted to affirmative action, minority set-asides, and other special privileges to denounce the first half.

  2. Jon says:

    The stupidity virus is way ahead of COVID-19.

  3. Chamcool Breeze says:

    It’s time to declare open season on protesters who attack police. Shoot them down as one a rabid dog attacking a child.

  4. Paul says:

    Police created this anti-cop environment themselves and have only themselves to blame.

    1. martin deano says:

      You’re ignorant paul. There is NO systemic racism in America. There is NO epidemic of white police officers killing unarmed black people. In 2019 there was a total of ten unarmed black people killed by police. Five attacked the officer and one was killed by a black officer. This genocide scam that black leaders and the lying leftist media are pushing is a total lie. More blacks are killed during the average weekend in Chicago. Don’t believe the lies of the anti-American democrats and their propagandist partners in the media. Take a good look at these dem cities and the rioting lootings arson and violence being unleashed on the American people. This is the future of all of America under democrat rule.

      1. Paul says:

        I never mentioned anything about racism in the police force. I’m talking about a system full of bad cops. Hey, I’m only a white guy with no record. BTW, thanks for the personal attack.

      2. Planet Clownfish Brain says:

        Police only serve the ruling class.

      3. thrushour says:

        You are dead on correct…

      4. thrushour says:

        The Mob does not care if you’re white or Black, the mob does not care if you’re for them or against them, the mob does not care if the statues they are destroying were abolitionists who freed slaves, the mob does not care even if you’re a Republican or Democrat (As Wis. State Senator Tim Carpenter found out when the mob beat him senseless yesterday) The mobs goal is to “Burn it all down”

    2. nearboston says:

      Not in Boston.

  5. Steve Larson says:

    It is tragic that our nation has gone mad. People are attacking the men and women who are committed to protecting them. It’s time to restore order. People who attack police officers should be arrested. It’s time to retake control. If you want a scare you should go to the BLM website. One of their stated goals is the disruption of the nuclear family. They want to undo the most basic unit of our society. This way they can increase anarchy and gain control. This is a dangerous group.

    1. LA NUKKA says:

      This is a terrorist group being paid by the UN backing the NWO agenda. They want to dismantle the US and establish a one world gov’t under communist control. All evil

  6. JoeAmerica says:

    This is all coming to a halt very soon. It’s getting completely out of hand and its time to bring it to an end.

  7. Denis Goddard says:

    Illegal firearm, illegal plant, illegal person…
    The people will respect the law, when the law is respectable.

  8. Planet Clownfish Brain says:

    Now that white people too, are finally waking up to the fact that cops only serve the ruling elites, the pig’s jobs are are going to get harder.

    1. Nestor Riano says:

      Do you mean the “elites” that took over part of Seattle after the shootings t You know not of what you speak.

  9. WickedIcePick12472 says:

    These cops just don’t understand that their role is serving the 1%. And they’re grossly underestimating the level of anger.

  10. mdax says:

    Maybe stop screwing with black folk in the neighborhood, arresting them for bs drug charges causes folks to get angry…imagine that.

  11. D W says:

    Democrats all hate cops. Is that because so many are felons?

  12. Tom says:

    If the police won’t defend themselves how can anyone expect to be defended by them.

  13. Tom Roberts says:

    The blacks didn’t do nothing!
    They didn’t kill their teacher, cousin or next door neighbor.
    The didn’t lie on their slave applications and tell the white man their tribe never ate nobody.
    They didn’t not once in their lives say THANK YOU to the white guys who freed them from slavery.
    I’d go on forever but will stop now for fear of using up all the world’s data storage!

  14. ThisOldMan says:

    Anyone ever hear of the idea that someone should be viewed as innocent until proven guilty? Didn’t think so …

  15. David W Mitchell says:

    When the Police stop answering calls from hostile neighborhoods for their own safety, the Gangs will be in charge. I don’t think people will like that either.

  16. abc 123 says:

    Bill Gross needs to kick Marty “the drunk thug” Walsh to the curb and take control of this situation.

  17. This is the beginning of Police, a city (Boston) the state of State Massalhussettes and the United States being governed by Anarchy. What do you think was going on at Lloyd Floyds funeral. All the celebrities,all those renowned Pastors Al Sharpton, Rev. Jesse Jackson, and Martin Luther King III eulogizing his saintly virtues. Among the top tier celebrities that showed up . Floyd Mayweather paid the 86,000 dollars it cost for this mans funeral. The Gold coffin he was laid to rest in. What do you think seeing a career criminal ,unwed father of 5. Buried in the splendor of a head of state. They condoned his past by their actions. They emboldened the mob to violence. Their actions assured that nothing they would do would be prosecuted. Sure, go ahead destroy public property and monuments worth Millions with their support.

    Now we have an at large City Counselor trying to gut the police force. Commissioner Gross you are surprised? Why? This is only the beginning. People of color do not want fair and equitable treatment. Look at our esteemed congress woman Ayanna Soyini Pressley. In a ZOOM conference 2 days ago. Wants Reparation for Jim Crow,the GI Bill..and other mistakes made by men long dead a moldering. You can watch it online. There were dozens of people of color taking part. No other ethnicity involved.

    If you ask or question the reasons of the actions of these people of color. You will get to a man/woman the response: You are not Black.

  18. jasonn13 says:

    That’s why they give ’em guns.

  19. mjazzguitar says:

    A number of decades ago a white woman was carrying a container of gas because her car had run out and some people in the neighborhood made her pour it on herself and set her on fire.

  20. You know when you have a congresswoman as we do in the 7th district. Nothing amazes me anymore.Last night we bore witness to the Honorable Ayanna Soyini Pressley on the floor of the House of representatives in a speech about the George Floyd bill. That it was a small start that “they were owed” In a zoom conference several days ago with 12+ representative of various groups. The Honorable Ayanna Pressley said she was looking for “reparations for Jim Crowe”, She was looking for reparations for the “GI Bill”. I thought she was a Massachusetts congress woman. A representative of all the people in MA besides her constituency. It is un clear by her words who is owed what. The bill has yet to be presented. However The Honorable Ayanna Pressley is empowering disenfranchised urban youth. Emboldening them to violence and anarchy. Ms Pressley..I believe you will owe the people of the Commonwealth a huge bill that when presented you will not pay!

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