By Cheryl Fiandaca

BOSTON (CBS) – Paul Sickorez was looking forward to taking his family to Disney this month. He booked their trip last year and gave an $1100 deposit to a timeshare brokerage company, never imagining a pandemic would force them to cancel.

“My wife is a first responder, she was told, ‘You cannot go on vacation we need you here,’” Paul told WBZ.

Paul’s wife is a nurse with Beth Israel Lahey Health. In March, knowing he needed to reschedule the trip; he contacted the timeshare broker he booked their stay with, the Disney Vacation Club Rental Store. Paul said he was told there was nothing it could do because even though the park is closed the resort is open.

“The director of the company, she told me her mother was a first responder and that wouldn’t have helped her,” Paul said. “We tried working with them and got absolutely no where until we called you.”

Once WBZ got in touch with the company, which is not affiliated with Disney or Disney Vacation Club, it agreed to give the family a credit for the full amount of the deposit, a voucher that is good for two years.

In a statement, the DVC Rental Store said, “We are grateful that we were able to accommodate this family due to their special circumstances. We are also thankful to our members and team who have been going above and beyond to help where they can, accommodate the needs of our guests similar to this family through these unprecedented times.”

“I can’t express my bewilderment at what magic you pulled to do that, it had to be Disney magic,” Paul said. “We are going again; we are already making plans to go next July. Having this is a blessing it really is I thank you very much.”

Cheryl Fiandaca

  1. O Paul, please take your family on a better vacation, the money suck that is Disney is just horrible. Give your kids some real memories, not some corporate cartoon non-sense…and keep in mind, the cheapest stuff tends to cost you more in the end.

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