ROXBURY (CBS) — Roxbury Community College hosted a discussion on racism Saturday with several black community leaders. The group talked about racism and policing in the wake of the killing of George Floyd, Ahmaud Aubrey, Breona Taylor and others.

The event was called “Black Men Speak” and was livestreamed for anyone to watch. Among those who took part was Boston Police Commissioner William Gross.

“The people filming were filming people that were supposed to serve and protect them, and they turned from police officers to murderers in eight minutes and 46 seconds,” he said at the discussion.

(Photo Courtesy: Roxbury Community College)

The speakers also relayed personal experiences about being the targets of racism and how it has impacted them.



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  1. ed keenan says:

    how long did the section talking about the yearly 900+ black on black shootings in chicago last?,,,,,,,when you get legit,,,,,,,,,,try again

    1. coch01 says:

      this is about racism, chod. Black people don’t kill other Black people just because they are black.

  2. Leo Berlo says:

    “Whites” are victims of interracial Violence by blacks more than the inverse, not double but 9 times more !!, 50% more “Whites” are killed by blacks than the inverse, and being under 13% of the population blacks commit more than half the Homicides, more than two times as many “Whites” who are unarmed are Killed by Police.the recent attacks on Jews , 100% black perpetrators, as with the attacks on East Asians mostly black. even the Southern Poverty Law Center says there are more black hate groups and black join them at a rate 26 times higher than “Whites” do. we have all heard the saying “we have to have an honest talk about racism” YES we certainly do but not in the false way it has been.

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