BOSTON (CBS) — This week, the world finally saw what Tom Brady looked like in his Tampa Bay Buccaneers uniform. Now, everyone can see his partner in crime.

The Bucs, capitalizing on a rather quiet period in sports, hyped up the release of Gronkowski pictures on Thursday, albeit a bit more subtly than the day-long Brady hype train.

Thirty minutes later, the Gronk photos were revelaed.

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We present to you… @gronk 😎

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Gronk was pretty impressed with his new threads too.

What stands out as much as anything is that even though Gronk may have slimmed down a bit, he still looks plenty powerful as he aims to return to the football field after taking a year off.

Brady left a comment on the Bucs’ Instagram post, writing “#skinnygronk” with a laughing emoji, seemingly finding humor in that storyline.

(Screen shot from Instagram/@Buccaneers)

The Buccaneers linked to a gallery with 50 photos of Gronkowski, which is a lot of photos of Gronkowski. But, again, without much else happening in the world of sports, that counts as one of the more exciting developments of the day.


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